Friday, April 13, 2007


i am humbled by the generousity of the human population.

in a little over 12 hours WE have raised......

$828 for the Jen Gallacher Family so far!!!!

Jen will receive the funds immediately so she can make the most use of them in Joey's last days.

thank you so very much.
please keep spreading the word.
please continue to pray.

donations will be continue to be accepted.

To donate to Jen’s fund, please click on the following donate button. All proceeds go to Jen and her family.

i will have an update in the next 24 hours with the prizes that have been offered so far. be prepared for an awesometastic list! some very generous people have stepped forward to donate from their hearts.

every single one of YOU are helping make a difference.
i couldn't do this alone.
YOU are helping me make it happen.

and on behalf of jen, i thank you.


LeslieinTN said...

I wish I could give more, but I am donating to this very worthy boy, Joey, and his family. I WILL be praying for him (and the family) and keeping updated through your blog. I hope love and peace surrounds them all during this difficult time. ((HUGS))

Maxdale Relay for Life said...

What you are doing is so wonderful. My grandmother passed away this year after battling with stomach cancer that spread to her pancreas and eventually to her liver. It breaks my heart to think someone so young and innocent has to suffer through this. At least he is surrounded by his family and the feeling that he is loved - I'm also a Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) team captain, and our team is going to purchase a luminaria in honor of Joey and his family. The luminaria will be lit and a ceremony of prayer and silence of hunderds will honor all those affected by cancer. All the best to Jen and her family. My prayers are with her.