Monday, April 16, 2007

New Total

as of 11:45PM, EST Sunday, April 15, we have raised a few dollars shy of.......
$5,100 for The Jen Gallacher Family!!!!!

this makes my heart smile.
thank YOU for your amazing generosity.

if this is your first time visiting the blog, and you would like
To donate to Jen’s fund, please click on the following donate button. All proceeds go to Jen and her family.


Breanne Crawford said...

scrappers are seriously the best.

way to go, ladies!

Petra said...

Wow. That's amazing!

Terrie said...

this is just such a humbling display of generosity. My mother's heart just aches for Jen and her family. Thanks to all the wonderful scrappers who have brought comfort and joy in the midst of such sorrow. I couldn't get on paypal fast enough to chip in!!!

ellen said...

way to come together ladies! my love and prayers to the family!