Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Further Projects to Benefit the Gallacher Family

once again there are people reaching out to the Gallacher Family.

there are three ways to continue our outreach to the family.

1. Donations are continually being accepted through paypal.
Send the payments to

2. You can check out the ebay auctions being hosted by Mandi Martin----all proceeds will go to the Gallacher family. amp;afcj=&afmp=&fsop=1%26fsoo%3D1&fcl=3&frpp=50

3. During the month of June, Jenni Bowlin will be donating a portion of the money from every single kit sold to benefit the Gallacher family. You can read more about her announcement on June 1 at

any questions, shoot me an email at

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Contacting Winners

just an update to let everyone know that all but a very small handful of winner's have been notified!

some of the emails were returned because the email listed on their paypal account was not recognized as a valid email.

Donors: PLEASE check your SPAM folder. most of the emails were sent from taniawillis [at] gmail [dot] com instead of the address. yahoo had some major issues with me sending the massive amounts of email, so i had to switch to a different email. my appologies for the confusion it may have caused.

I need the following people to email me at taniawillis [at] gmail [dot] com with their mailing address so i can notify the donor to send out their prize:

Tiffanie Saxer
Tammie Manwarren
Dennis Grimm (Angela Grimm)
Karalynn (Starr) Tyler---got it, thanks!
Susan Wojtkowski--got it, thanks!

this benefit couldn't have been as big of a success without every single one of YOU!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Prize Winners!!!

First of all, let me once again thank each and every single one of you that has had some part in this benefit! It has put a permanent smile on my heart to know that together we have helped the Gallacher Family!

As of 8:09PM EST on May 11, 2007, we have raised...


simply AMAZING!

I will be spending the next few (maybe several) days emailing the donors with the name and address/email of the winners so they can send prizes out or contact you for photos.

IF YOU HAVE WON.........PLEASE take a moment to check your paypal account and make sure the address you have confirmed on there is the correct address. if it is NOT, please EMAIL me at ASAP!

*If you won a product prize, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
*If you won a layout or gift certificate, please allow 2 weeks to be contacted via email.

After that time if you still do not have your prize or haven't heard from your Scrapper or Online Store, you may email me to assist you in obtaining your prize package.

CLARIFICATION: i have been emailed by several different people asking the same questions.......
"why are some people winners more than once" and "are you aware that you have some businesses listed as winners---is that really correct?"

so i am going to address it here to avoid having to respond to any further emails.............
The very first entry on this blog explained this information:
EVERY dollar donated was ONE entry into the drawing. for example, if you donated $25, you had 25 entries in the drawing. thus reason why some people are winners more than one time------simply said.....they were lucky.

every monetary donation was eligible for the prize drawing whether it was an individual or a business that donated the money. the only ones not in the drawing where those who specifically asked me to not include their name in the drawing.

EVERY single prize in this drawing was completely 100% randomly drawn.

Scrappers Scrapping Your Photos for YOU!
Ali McLaughlin, CK Hall of Fame HM 2006
Lisa Schmitt
Allison Davis, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Julie Kelley
Amber Bailey, Memory Makers Master 2005
William Bonnar
Barb Pfeffer, CK Hall of Fame HM 2006 & 2007
Linda Barber
Bernadette Henderson, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Nancy Martel
Carolie Ikeji, CK Hall of Fame HM 2007
Aubrey Harns
Celeste Smith, DT Member for Amer Crafts, Poppy Ink & Scrapgal
Brandi Pitts
Christy Tomlinson, Contrib Editor BHG Scrapbooks Etc
Amber Dawson
Corinne Delis, Product Designer - CherryArte
Christy Palmer
Courtney Kelly, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Kathleen Desiato
Courtney Walsh, Memory Makers Contributing Editor
Susanne Hilton
Deena Wuest, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Mary Rogers
Debbie Hodge (2-page layout)
Melanie Hardy
Eleena Rioux, Riju Designs
Julie Ann Shanin
Jackie Stringham, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Stephanie Anderson
Jamie Harper, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Anne Marie Miruzzi
Jane Hasty, DT member for Imagination Project
Leslie Flynn
Janet Ohlson, CK Hall of Fame HM 2007
Shelley Laming
Jennifer Perks, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Sunny Milleson
Jeri Hoag, CK Hall of Fame HM 2007
Desiree Jenks
Jessica Sprague, CK Hall of Fame 2006, CK Contributing Editor (trad or digi)
Linda Hofacker
Jlyne Hanback, Scrapbooks Etc. Creative Team Member
Wendy Inman
Karen Wilson-Bonnar, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Laura Meeker
Kathleen Taylor, DT member for Junkitz
Kristi Blas
Kelly Noel, CK Hall of Fame HM 2007
Jamie Allen
Kelly Purkey, Creative Consultant, American Crafts
Gwenyth Lafleur
Kim Kesti, CK Hall of Fame 2005
Martha Moring
Kimber McGray, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Sharon Diekman
Kitty Foster, Memory Makers Books Author
Karen Lee
Laura Kurz, CK Hall of Fame 2006
Susan Duane
Lea Lawson, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Jackie Pettit
Linda Barber
Bev Stephenson
Linda Harrison, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Susan Graham
Lisa Damrosch, Big Picture Scrapbooking Instructor
Tabitha Dennis
Lisa Truesdell, CK Hall of Fame HM 2006
Marie Tretiakova
Marci Lambert, CK Hall of Fame HM 2006 & 2007
Nita Bolton
Mary Jo Johnston
Denise Kashyap
Mitch Kraft, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Terri Barton
Mou Saha, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Leslie Lightfoot
Nicole Keller, CK Hall of Fame 2001
Theresa Jarvis
Nicole Trudell, (Mini Album)
Dennis Cossett
Paula Gilarde, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Shirley Lam
Rachel Cohara, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Barbara Pfeffer
Renee Foss, CK Hall of Fame 2005
Carol Petrizzo
Ruth Akers, DT member for American Crafts, WeRMemory Keepers, & Paper Salon
Jennifer Waters
Samantha Walker, Product Designer, Creative Imaginations
Laura Muller
Shannon Montez, CK Hall of Fame 2004 & TwoPeas Garden Girl
Amy White-Tanabe
Sharyn Tormanen, CK Hall of Fame HM 2005 & 2006 (2pg LO)
Leigh Brockway
Sheri Reguly, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Diane Michael
Stephanie Vetne, CK Hall of Fame HM 2007
Laura Thomas
Sue Thomas, CK Hall of Fame 2005
Rhonda Bonifay
Summer Fullerton, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Marzee Carnes
Tonja Trump
Sonja Schrauwen
Tracey Odachowski, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Rachel Bevis
Vicki Boutin, CK Hall of Fame 2006
Joanna Bolick
Vidya Ganapati, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Clarice Applegate
Vivian Masket, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Camille Fano
Wendy Bretz, CK Hall of Fame 2007
Miki Benedict
Wilna Furstenburg, CK Hall of Fame 2006
Rose Muise-King

Gift Certificates
(4) $25
Linda Rodriguez
Tessa Watte
Heather Pendley
Sonda Tadlock

(1) $15
Shannon Wolz
(2) $50 /
Sexton Ranches
Laura Muller

(1) $50 (Anonymous Online Store)
Carol Ann Hopkins
(1) Krista Goodwin - $50
Kim Starry
(2) $25
Ginger Nelson
Kristin Gregory
(1) $30
Falyn Cahall
(1) $50
Gemini Angel Art
(2) $50
Theresa Delgado
Janice Myers

(2) $25
Jeno Dodaj
Cynthia Kelle

(1) Celeste Smith $25
Kathleen Taylor
(1) Cheri Vallery $50 Close To My Heart (in memory of her daughter Kaitlyn)
Kelly Johnston

(2) Book autographed by Cathy Zielske, Author & Creative Director, Simple Scrapbooks Magazine
Susan Deich
Alison McNabb

(2) Book autographed by Ali Edwards, Author & Contributing CK Editor
Melissa Ackerman
Karin Cotten

(3) Book autographed by Becky Higgins, Author & Contributing CK Editor
Debra Boring
Elizabeth Riley
Valerie O’Mahoney

(4) Set of books autographed by Linda LaTourelle, Author of "The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect World" and "The Ultiimate Guide to the Perfect Card." (in memory of her mother who passed from cancer March 26)
Andrea Weibe
Cynthia Kelle
Marites Christensen
Lilyanna Mizrahi
(4) Book autographed by Thena Smith, Author of "Where's Thena, I Need a Poem About...."
Glenni Light
Cynthia Fatinger
Anabelle Gervais
Lesley Freiner

(1) Book autographed by Courtney Walsh, Author of "Scrapbooking Your Faith"
Petra Carden
(2) “Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking” autographed by Jessica Sprague, CK Contributing Editor
Marilyn Chapman
Tami Rich
(6) Alisha Gordon, Editor CARDS – Year Long Subscription to Paper Trends, Scrapbook Trends, or CARDS (winner’s choice)
Nicole Keller
Amity Coose
Michele DeMartini
Mark Cook
Julie Kelley
Shannon Murdock

(10) Jennafer Martin, Managing Editor, PaperCrafts donating Special Issues Packages (each including Card Creations: Start to Finish, Paper Crafts Gourmet, Baby Creations, Card Fashion, and our newest special issue on sale May 22 called You Go, Girl!)
Carol Ann Hopkins
Sarah Shipee
Catherine Riley
Jeri Hoag
Shannon Avina
Warren Bailey
Linda Joseph
Brad Schneider
Leslie Schulze
Laurence Menhinick
(5) Jennafer Martin, Managing Editor, PaperCrafts donating Signed Copy of our brand new book, Scrapbook to Cards (shows readers how to use elements from pages – including photos – on fun cards), signed by the editorial team
Melanie Hillman
Christine Kay Brown
Rachel Cohara
Mary Kay Seckinger
Heather Pendley
(5) Jennafer Martin, Managing Editor, PaperCrafts donating Signed Copy of our first book, 40 Techniques for Making Cards, signed by the editorial team
Elaine VanVleck
Julia Lee
Stacey Grimes
Cheryl Brackney
Arthur Knepper
(1) “Sewing on Paper” autographed by Catherine Matthews Scanlon, Creative Artist Team Member for EK Success
Carol Banks
(1) Autographed Peas in a Bucket photograph by Tara Whitney,
Marzee Carnes
(1) Memory Makers Books, the latest issues of Memory Makers Magazine AND 6 books--titled: Scrapbooking Your Faith
Out of Bounds
Type Cast
Focal Point
The Scrapbook Designer’s Workbook

Product Donations
(2) Anonymous Donor, 50-100 sheets of 12x12 newly released patterned papers.
Christiane Wilson-Grove
Melanie Douthit

(1) Jenyfer Stewart, Home D├ęcor Class Kit
Stephanie Vetne
(1) - May Kit
Susanne Hilton
(1) Tracy Miller - handmade photo tile ($45 value)
Maya Road
(1) Jane Hasty - Assortment of Products ($100 value)
Traci Gann
(1) Camille Fano - Assortment of Products from her eBay store (Cami*Chic)
Susan Duane
(1) Renee Foss - Assortment of Deja Views Products ($75 value)
Gina Mackintosh
(1) Sue Oren - 3 sets of Stamped In Ink Stamps
Katherine Romack
(1) Jennifer (Ditz) McGuire - 10 Hero Arts Stamps
Jessica White
(1) Jackie Pettit - Assortment of Product
Lisa Anderson
(1) Pamela Ancich - Assortment of Product
Donald Grundhauser
(1) Kim Moreno - Pageframes
Jan Tatomir
(1) Purple Onion Designs - Generous assortment of Stamps,
Alice Golden
(1) Kelly Keller - Assortment of K&Company’s Newest Releases
Ellen Bentley
(1) Wilna Furstenberg - Scrapbook/Stationary Products
Rebecca Lehn-Hilliard
(1) Jill Godon - Assortment of Making Memories Products
Mindy Bush
(1) Stephanie Vetne - Assortment of Products including Therm O Web adhesives
Nancy Davilla
(1) Caroline Liu - Assortment of Maya Road’s Newest Releases
Lisa Damrosch
(1) Stephanie Barnard Stamps (Sugarloaf Products Inc.) - Favorite Features Stamp Set
Shirley Lam
(1) Stephanie Barnard Stamps (Sugarloaf Products Inc.) - Build-A-Flower
Elizabeth O’Dell
(1) Stephanie Barnard Stamps (Sugarloaf Products Inc.) - Picture This
Heather Pendley
(1) Stephanie Barnard Stamps (Sugarloaf Products Inc.) - Fresh Alphabet
Rita Weiss
(1) Tammy Morrill, Assistant Editor - Scrapbook Trends - Assortment of Handmade Cards
Cynthia Jarrett
(1) Technique Tuesday - Assortment of Technique Tuesday Stamps
Kim Crothers
(1) - Assortment of Products from April Kit
Lori Grillo
(1) Carol in SLC - Bracelet (Value $200)
(1) Melissa Wu - Assortment of Products
Sean Loughran
(1) Ginger Rohlfs - Assortment of Imagination Project Products ($100 value)
Thena Smith
(1) - Summer Survival Kit w/60 Day Class Program ($140 value)
Leslie Webster
(1) Anonymous Donor - 3 Simple Scrapbooks Books, Assort of Bazzill Cardstock (value $55)
Brad Schneider
(1) Anonymous Donor - Ali Edwards’ Designers Eye for PP, The Big Picture Book & Assortment of Bazzill ($50)
Colleen Casady
(1) May Flaum - Fiskars Rotary Trimmer
Andrea Wiebe
(1) May Flaum - Heidi Grace Stamp Set
Tonya Smarr
(1) May Flaum - Stamp Press & Set of Acrylic Stamps
Tracy Moniz
(1) Patti Milazzo – Fiskars Product Package
Jeanette Coll-Kennedy
(1) Patti Milazzo - Cloud 9 Product Package
Shaunte Wadley
(1) Patti Milazzo - Heidi Grace Product Package
Alison Patalon
(1) Mary - Felted Booga Purse, green, orange, yellow striped
Cathryn Zielske
(1) - ZAZ Die-cutting Machine and 1 Zip’ecuts Alphabet
Tamara Gilliam
(1) Karen Arentson - “On the Go” Nantucket Navy Vera Bradley Purse and “Zip ID Case” in Petal Pink ($73 value)
Ali Edwards
(5) Cropper Hopper - Product valued at $30
Nancy Nally
Heather Thayer
J F Maples
Mary Hogue
Christiane Spadoni

(1) Cropper Hopper - Assortment of Product ($200 value)
Kim Hacking
(1) CherryArte – Collection pack of the following lines: Cosmic Energy, Arcade, Kitty Lou
Renae Clark
(2) Corinne Delis – Collection of her own product line: papers & diecuts
Jodi Memmott
Michele Herman

(2) Corinne Delis - Free Online Workshop "Finding You" ($66 value)(
Tena Sprenger
Leigh Edwards

(1) Lori Grillo – Assortment of Products
Ursula Page
(1) Kitty Foster – Collection of Cafe Chic Dream Street Papers
Clarice Applegate
(1) Roxanne Bagley – Assortment of Prima Papers & Flowers ($70 value)
Rachel Houghton
(1) Heather Alas – Assortment of Product ($50 value)
Lynn Brown
(9) Chris Ford – Autumn Leaves Grab Bag including 2007 Designing With Calendar
Michon Kessler
Tiffanie Saxer
Tammie Manwarren
Dennis Grimm
Wendy Reed
Karalynn Starr
Susan Wojtkowski
Trisha Ladouceur
Chris Marschall

(2) - Those Were the Days Kit ($27.95 value)
Chrys Rose
Stephanie Shreeve
(2) Teresa Wilkins – Assortment of Embellishments ($50 value)
Brenty Cully
Renee Foss

(4) - Monthly Kit
Nicole Dorame
Elizabeth Sammarco
Kimberly Musgrove
Sarah Mochak

(2) Charlene Walberg – Assortment of Products
Michelle Seizys
Rustic Treasures

(3) Junkitz – Assortment of Product ($100 value)
Stephanie Barnard
Daniel White
Renelyn Fok

(1) Lisa Stenson – Assortment of Product ($30 value)
Marilyn Cline
(1) – 1 free year of banner advertising
Maya Road
(1) Angela Hoffman – Autumn Diva Collage (
Lauren Teather
(1) Angela Hoffman – LOVE angel pin (
Lisa Truesdell
(1) Ariel’s Playground – April Kit (
Lisa Storms
(1) Shelley Laming – Handmade Art: Framed Pieced Flowers w/Quote
Cartwheel Days
(1) Nic Sewell – Kit of Stampin’ Up Products
Megan Peacock
(1) Rachael Pancic – Kit of Stampin’ Up Products
Molly Milavec
(2) Me & My Big Ideas – Assorted MAMBI Products ($30 value)
Ali McLaughlin
Jeannine Masalaitis

(1) Janet Hopkins of Heidi Swapp – Assortment of Heidi Swapp Products
Sharon Laakonen
(1) Lil Davis Designs – Assortment of Products
Patti Milazzo
(1) – Monthly Kit
Donna Muir
(1) Amanda Probst – Assortment of Products ($75 value)
Rene Langer
(1) BAM POP! – Stamp Set and Volume 2. Patterned Papers
Kim Kesti
(3) – Shirt & Tote Bag Combo (winner’s choice of style/size)
Katherine Rose
Patricia S DeFee
Ellen Gallagher

(1) – Assortment of Products
Randall Stittsworth
(1) Stephanie Vetne – April Scrapologie Kit
Emma Eaton
(1) Scrapbook Destination, Denver, CO – Green Crop-A-Dile with Case
Heidi Beeler
(5) – Font made using your own Handwriting
Jeno Dodaj
Kimberly Hughes
Lisa Stenson
Carol Banks
Katrina Grabowski

(1) Fancy Pants Designs – Assortment of Products ($50 value)
Amber Skolnick
(1) Leah Stansberry – Assortment of Products
Elizabeth Ness
(1) LUXE – New Collection of Products ($25 Value)
Dina Wakely
(1) Christine Traversa – Collection of Handmade Greeting Cards
Mindy Milliken
(1) Chrys Queen Rose – Altered Frame
Alison Patalon
(1) Chrys Queen Rose - Altered Box
Leslie Ashe
(1) Hambly Screen Prints – Assortment of New Hambly Screen Prints Products
Kim Moreno
(1) Erica Putnam – Assortment of Stampin’ Up Products
Elizabeth Saumell
(1) Jen Adams Donnelly - Three Digital Kits by Jen Adams Donnelly from (winner's choice of kits--plus a BONUS)
Leslie Flynn
(1) Shell Mackey - 8x8 Family Album Kit (album, papers, stickers-- all included) ($39.95 value)
Geralyn Hodges
(2) Cindy Smith - Longaberger Basket
Debra Barker
Amy Harle

(2) - May Kit
Alice Lundeen
Natalie Call

(2) Margie Higuchi - 24 designs by Margie from pages 4 & 5 have her designs--$80 value)
Pamela Callaghan
Meredith Watson

(1) Shannon Montez - Assortment of Product
Teresa Wilkins
(1) Rusty Pickle - Assortment of Product ($100 value)
Tracy Ireland
(1) - 2 Queen & Company Embellishment Kits
Heather Ales
(1) Lisa Truesdell - Scenic Route Paper/Diecuts/Stickers (Laurel, Rockland & Background Collections)
Kerrie Gurney
(1) Ginger Nelson - Year Subscription to Down to Details Ribbon of the Month Club
Andrew Lissak
(2) Cath Edvalson - $25 gift certificate to
Joy Pedersen
Jessica Chastain

(20) - One-Year Long Subscription to Ready-Set-Create online magazine.
Cara Paul
Elaine VanVleck
Christy Palmer
Stephanie Anderson
Brenda Hurd
Carrie Ross
Ellen Sosnoski
Laura Helvie
Edith Veldkamp
Alyson Blakstad
Jill Hogan
Michael Halford
Deirdre Bernard
Kristen Ullmeyer
Elana Geyrozaga
Mindy Terasawa
Ashlee Carroll
Nikki Pitcher
Samantha Weaver
Corinne Delis
(1) Jennifer (Ditz) McGuire - Box of 10 Handmade Cards
Kelly Purkey
(1) Amber Ludlow - 6-week Online Photography Course starting May 7 ($155 value)
Alannah Jurgensmeyer
(1) Joanna Bolick - Assortment of Product
Gail Cavanaugh
(2) Kelly Purkey - Font made using Winner's Own Handwriting
William Bonnar
Cynde Sharrock

(1) Cindy Borcherding - Assortment of Product including: Lil' Davis Foam Stamp Words
"Corner Words", Autumn Leaves Scribbles Alphabet (clear stamps), CARDS book, December 2006 issue MM Ribbonrie book, Autumn Leaves Freestyle book, 2 BIG grab bags of ribbon.
Tim Ludwig
(1) Samantha Walker - Pizazzill Samantha Walker Goodie Box
Shannon Lowe
(1) Software Cinema Interactive Tutorial "Create Scrapbook Pages in Photoshop Elementswith Jane Conner-ziser" using Adobe Photoshop Elements ($39 value)
Celeste Smith
(1) Software Cinema Interactive Tutorial "Photo Retouching with Jane Conner-ziser" using Adobe Photoshop Elements ($59.00 value)
Tina Cockburn
(1) Software Cinema Interactive Tutorial "How to Wow - Photoshop Elements Fundamentalswith Mike McHugh/Wayne Rankin" using Adobe Photoshop Elements ($45 value)
Jennifer Waltamath
(1) Software Cinema Interactive Tutorial "How to Wow - Photoshop Elements Creationswith Mike McHugh/Wayne Rankin" using Adobe Photoshop Elements ($45 value)
Margaret Oliveira
(1) Kerry Lynn Yeary - Collaged Word "Create" using MM 8" chipboard letters (or other 7 letter or less word if desired)
Stacy Hackett
(1) Janna Wilson - Assortment of Junkitz Product
Michelle Ramirez
(1) Kelli Crowe - Bright Pink Crop N Style Bag filled with latest Autumn Leaves lines: Rhonna, Mod and Foofala
Laura Carter
(1) Scenic Route Paper Company - Assortment of Product
Tammy Peagler
(1) Jennifer Pebbles - 2 gift tags & 6 cards, handmade using A Muse products
Nieka Apell
(1) Angelia Wigginton - Assortment of K&Company Products
Camille Fano
(1) Rachel Houghton - Scrap All Night, April Kit
Cheri Vallery
(1) Rachel Houghton - Collection Pack of Basic Grey (winner's choice Pheobe or Blush)
Angela Barclay
(2) Niki Meiners - Assortment of Products ($25 value)
Pam Bumbaca
Bobbie Lawrence

(1) Julie Lowry - Collection of Unmounted Stamps
Christy Palmer
(1) Joy Messier - Basic Grey Collection Pack
Deborah Liu
(1) Karen Clark - Assortment of Products ($100 value)
Catherine Edvalson
(1) Queen & Company - Assortment of Queen & Co Products
Erin Roe
(1) Tracy Gossard - Memory Purse, ($25 value)
Mary Rogers
(1) Artic Frog - Assorted Product ($100 value)
Chad Mederois
(1) American Crafts - Assorted Product
Kristine Cox

Monday, May 7, 2007

Latest Update

as of 11:37AM EST on Monday, May 7, we have raised
$11,966 for the Gallacher family!!!!!!!!!

i have been sending jen chunks of the donations as they've come in.
as of today, she has received $9,575 of the money donated!

i am now in the process of preparing for the prize drawing.
it is a bit delayed out of respect for the family as they dealt with plans for joey's funeral that was held just two days ago.

so, please continue to be patient as i cut nearly 12,000 names into strips for the drawing.
i will have the winners announced by FRIDAY----at the latest. i'm hoping for sooner though.