Monday, May 7, 2007

Latest Update

as of 11:37AM EST on Monday, May 7, we have raised
$11,966 for the Gallacher family!!!!!!!!!

i have been sending jen chunks of the donations as they've come in.
as of today, she has received $9,575 of the money donated!

i am now in the process of preparing for the prize drawing.
it is a bit delayed out of respect for the family as they dealt with plans for joey's funeral that was held just two days ago.

so, please continue to be patient as i cut nearly 12,000 names into strips for the drawing.
i will have the winners announced by FRIDAY----at the latest. i'm hoping for sooner though.



Angela said...

OH MY WOW~! 12,000 names! That is insane!

Is that how many people donated or just how many they donated (like suzy scrapbooker donated $23 so she gets her name into the draw 23 times..)

Good luck!

And sending prayers to the Gallachers.

lesliemc said...


As an alternative, have you thought about assigning all the contributors #s 1-12,000 (or whatever the final # is) and then randomly selecting #s between #1 and 12,000 and then match up the #s you picked (say if you have 400 gifts, then you pick 400 random numbers).....seems like it would be easier than cutting 12,000 pieces of paper...

God bless you for all you did to organize this. Lisa B. got teary-eyed talking about Jen's loss on QVC this weekend....

Teresa said...

God bless you. The task at hand is huge. I am excited about sending my two gifts to a couple of special scrapbookers.

My prayers are with the Gallacher family.